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Senior Talent: Behind The Biography

Companies and organisations use this system to build up an independent profile of one candidate which goes deeper than their general reputation in the industry and the profile they have created in their own CV.

When I want rigorous, discrete analysis of senior creative talent, I go to Moray. He has a huge contacts book and an excellent understanding of the production process so his views are well rounded, forensic and really help build me a cohesive picture” – Jane Root, Chief Executive, Nutopia

For this we talk in confidence, and often without declaring our client’s identity, to the candidate’s peers, to those the candidate has worked for, and those who have worked to the candidate. This is certainly not about unearthing skeletons in closets, it is about confirming or negating the candidate’s attributes, needs and challenges. In some cases this research has flagged-up important concerns.

This method of approach has five distinct stages, and the whole process usually takes between two and three weeks to complete from start to finish.

Stage 1 – Definition

We talk through with the client organisation what would be most useful for them to know about the candidate, and what attributes the client will be reliant on finding in the candidate. We also decide who will be the most useful sources of opinion and experience of working with her or him.

Stage 2 – Selection

We work with the client to select a group of up to 12 individuals who can contribute to this research. They may be very senior or junior, according to what level of experience and opinion is needed to inform the client about the candidate.

Stage 3 – Experience

We contact as many of those selected people as possible to canvas their opinions. In our experience these are frank and revealing discussions. However some contributors may decline to offer their opinion, in which case we will look for alternative relevant people to talk to instead.

Stage 4 – Analysis

We prepare a detailed report of everything we have learned from the selection of contributors to build up a reliable and coherent picture of the candidate’s attributes. We add a summary opinion based on all of that information.

Stage 5 – Delivery

The report is delivered to the client in full with a verbal debrief.

If you are interested in commissioning a Behind The Biography report, please get in contact