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Senior Talent: Low-Key Approach

Companies and organisations use this system to quietly contact a specific selection of senior creative executives without declaring their own hand. We can gauge those candidates’ interest in a move or ongoing development while the company remains anonymous – it is handled deftly as a ‘white-label’ approach.

When I want rigorous, discrete analysis of senior creative talent, I go to Moray. He has a huge contacts book and an excellent understanding of the production process so his views are well rounded, forensic and really help build me a cohesive picture” – Jane Root, Chief Executive, Nutopia


This method of approach has five distinct stages, and the whole process usually takes between two and three weeks to complete from start to finish.


Stage 1 – Definition

The client company talks through its needs for a new senior creative, and its wish-list of attributes. We agree a clear picture of the kind of person needed, how they will fit into the organisation, what they will need to bring with them, and how they are likely to be incentivised in the role.

Stage 2 – The Talent

Moray works with the client to find, choose and compile a list of up to 12 candidates to be approached. Some companies may know exactly whom they have in mind already, or may instead draw on Moray’s experience as a headhunter to find fresh suggestions.

Stage 3 – Motivation

We speak at length to each candidate to ascertain their ambitions and frustrations, we learn what they would want to gain from a professional move, and why instead they might want to stay where they are. In practice, nearly every candidate we talk to understands that it is in both their short and long-term interests to be frank in these discussions.

Stage 4 – Analysis

We prepare a detailed report of everything we have learned from the candidates to help measure their suitability and interest in a direct approach from the client organisation. We add a summary opinion based on all of that information.

Stage 5 – Delivery

The report is delivered to the client with a verbal debrief. The client organisation then decides whether to follow-up directly on the candidates, or whether the research needs further investigation (see Behind The Biography)

If you are interested in commissioning a Low-Key Approach, please get in contact